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Chiefs co-lead a group of 6-10 girls ranging in age from 10-18.  A Chief’s purpose is to lead their girls to face and overcome obstacles and hurts in their lives, and ultimately show their girls there is only One who can truly heal their hurts and comfort them, Jesus.  Chiefs are stretched in their own lives from leading, being patient, being okay with not always knowing what to do, learning to problem solve, etc.  Chiefs have two days off each week, switching Friday-Sunday or Sunday-Tuesday. 

Camp Cook


Cooks at camp have the ability to lift the spirits of the campers by preparing great, tasty food served in our Chuckwagon 5 days a week.  Possessing the ability to make campers feel important and cared for, cooks can make special birthday treats, a camper's favorite meal, or simply offer a heartfelt smile.  The kitchen, at times, can provide a retreat for other camp staff to grab a cup of coffee, a cup of water, or just chat about what is going on personally.  Weekly shopping trips into town for food and camp supplies, maintaining the kitchen cleanliness, and participating in camp activities are all rolled up in a cook’s role. 

Receptionist/Secretarial Assistant


Our secretaries are the voice and face of Camp by welcoming visitors, new campers, and new staff.  The role includes answering phones, typing weekly articles the campers write, decorating for special events and occasions, as well as a host of other office and administrative items.  A typical week is Monday – Friday, having off on Saturday and Sunday.  Along with these tasks the assistant has the opportunity to be involved in the campers lives by playing games with groups, occasionally joining groups on trips, and sometimes there is the occasional task of sleeping down trail with the groups in campsites.

Thrift Store Staff


Our local thrift stores are vital to the financial well being of camp. Female full time thrift store volunteers may live in camp staff housing and commute to the stores to serve. Staff may join in on breakfasts and suppers at the camp as well as join in on some camp events and responsibilities. Please call about potential male volunteer possibilities.

Part time local volunteers are a great asset to camp as well. If you would like to offer some time of service on an ongoing basis, please contact Sandy Bates at 864-784-0466.

Please Note: Though we label these full time ministry positions as 'Volunteer', they are not strictly unpaid positions.  Wilderness Way may offer housing, meals, and a stipend to help sustain people who wish to help with Camp.  Please contact us if you have further questions regarding this!

Click here to watch a Camp documentary and see what other Camp staff has to say!

Please call our office or email us if you would like to apply for one of the above positions!


You can't rely on yourself for doing this, you have to rely on God.  And so, just living that out everyday through every tough stretches you as a person and it makes you realize you can do things that you didn't think you could do before.


-- Chief Anita (Group Work Supervisor)

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