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Thanksgiving Celebration Nov. 23

Come join us in celebrating God's goodness and blessings as we host a Thanksgiving Feast on Saturday November 23. Girls and staff provide short tours of their campsites to those who come early, by 11:00. Close to noon we have some songs and skits followed by the girls digging up the foil wrapped turkeys. Dinner follows, as well as a little more programming. We ask guests to bring a couple of side dishes or a side and dessert. Veggies are quite welcome. Camp will supply the birds, dressing, gravy, bread, and drinks. Please RSVP at 8649720611 by November 21. 

Donations are accepted, but not required. Some local businesses have pitched in to cover expenses. These include Hochstetler's Country Store, Webb Heating and Air Conditioning, Powell Insurance Group, and a bit from Tugalo Gas.

Please keep kids with parents and pets at home. We run a shuttle from a parking field below the camp. Hope to see you in November!

You may like to see pictures at bottom of this page.

Empowered to Connect Simulcast

Wilderness Way Girls' Camp will once again be sponsoring and co hosting a live simulcast at Oakdale Baptist Church in Townville, South Carolina on a Friday and Saturday in the spring of 2020. Empowered to Connect will highlight application of Trust-Based Relational Intervention methods developed and taught through the Karen Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University. This event is being made available at no charge to the public and will require the purchase of a $5 guidebook on site.

This training is for fostering parents and adopting parents and others who are experiencing the often perplexing struggles of foster and adopted children. Please call 8649720611 to register and for information concerning this event.

Amazon Smile

Many people opt for the convenience of online shopping these days and Amazon is usually your ‘one stop shop’ for many items that may be on your Christmas list.  This year, we encourage you to sign up at and designate Wilderness Way Camp School as the charity for Amazon to donate to!  When shopping this way, Amazon will donate a ½ percent of all your purchases to our Camp!  It may not sound like much, but if half of those on our mailing list would do this and spend a total of $500 through the Amazon Smile, our mailing list cost will be covered for a year or more!  Thank you for considering this possibility and…happy shopping!

                                 2019 Sponsors of Turkey in the Hole




Turkey in the Hole

(Pictures below!)


We hope you enjoy these pictures from our 'Turkey in the Hole' Thanksgiving celebration!  Thank you to our community who came out and supported us here at Camp.  We appreciate you!

If you've never experienced a turkey in the hold dinner before, below is a quick recap.


The night before, the girls and staff prepare the turkeys.  Each turkey is wrapped in multiple layers of foil and then wire tied to keep everything together.  First, there are small fires started and staff will gradually add larger pieces of kindling to those fires to build them bigger.  Soon, the smaller fires grow big enough to create one large fire and that's our cue to begin adding the larger pieces of wood!  This year, we added larger logs over the hole and built the fire to burn on top of the logs. This allowed the hot coals to fall directly into the hole so we could later add the turkeys to cook.  Once there were enough coals, the turkeys were added (this year we prepped and cooked 14!) and covered with hot coals, then finally covered with dirt to help keep in the heat.  They cook underground for about 12 hours and come out hot, savory, and delicious!  Hopefully these snapshots will give you a bit of an insight to how the turkeys are prepared for this event!