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Turkey in the Hole

(Pictures below!)


We hope you enjoy these pictures from our 'Turkey in the Hole' Thanksgiving celebration!  Thank you to our community who came out and supported us here at Camp.  We appreciate you!

If you've never experienced a turkey in the hold dinner before, below is a quick recap.


The night before, the girls and staff prepare the turkeys.  Each turkey is wrapped in multiple layers of foil and then wire tied to keep everything together.  First, there are small fires started and staff will gradually add larger pieces of kindling to those fires to build them bigger.  Soon, the smaller fires grow big enough to create one large fire and that's our cue to begin adding the larger pieces of wood!  Once there were enough coals, the turkeys were added and covered with hot coals, then finally covered with dirt to help keep in the heat.  They cook underground for about 12 hours and come out hot, savory, and delicious!  Hopefully these snapshots will give you a bit of an insight to how the turkeys are prepared for this event!


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