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"He turns a wilderness into pools of

water, And dry land into watersprings."

Psalm 107:35

What is Camp?

Wilderness Way Girls’ Camp is a therapeutic camping program nestled in the woods near Fair Play, South Carolina. Camp ministers to girls ages 10 to 16 who are struggling in relationships and life choices and want help. Through outdoor living, problem solving, and working together with her group, a camper will learn basic life skills to help her make responsible choices. Through scheduled home visits she applies these developing skills and attitudes to the home setting and relationships. This is not a summer camp.

Relationship therapy, residential program,
*Currently, we are accepting applications for girls between the ages of 9 to 15.

What is 'Therapeutic Camping'?

The therapeutic camping program was founded by Dr. Campbell Loughmiller (also known as 'Chief Lock') back in the late 1940s.  In using the program, he discovered the success that is possible when applied to youth who are having trouble at home and/or school.  Since then, many boys and girls have gone through this specific program and with a willing spirit, have been able to make positive life changes.


In simple terms, this camp program is “friendship therapy” at work in a small group setting. Groups of up to ten campers and two counselors learn the values of living and working together toward common goals. Here girls caught in a cycle of failure have the opportunity to experience positive values in action.

Therapeutic camping adventure learning

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in helping Camp make a difference in the lives of girls?  Each of our staff has their own unique way of contributing to the success that our campers have chosen to work towards.  Right now, we have a few staff positions that we are looking to fill as soon as possible.  Please visit our 'Volunteer' page to learn more about our available position(s)!


'Turkey in the Hole' Thanksgiving Celebration!

Each year, Camp enjoys hosting our community over the time of Thanksgiving to share in a time of fellowship and feasting.  Click below to see more photos from this year's 'Turkey in the Hole' experience!

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